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Gny plays music from the distant past of the North

Gny brings new life into the oldest known Nordic music: the folkmusic and not least the Danish folksongs.

The Nordic countries, including Denmark, holds a treasure of folksongs. The main part of these was written down during the Renaissance, but many of the songs have roots streching even further back in time. Characteristic for the folksongs is that they have no composer but belong to the people singing and playing.

Hence it is not possible to know in which way they were originaly performed, and there exists no correctionlist for future performing. Often folksongs are interpreted in a nationalromantic way and many people have combined the songs with jazz, techno etc.

Gny goes back in search of the original starting point, using reconstructed medieval instruments. At the same time we try to make the traditional music present and come alive to the audience, as we think the best way to keep the music alive is by communication and understanding

Not all our songs originate from the Middle Ages, but they all take part of the popular tradition of musical storytelling, singing and dancing. A tradition having roots far, far back in the mists of the past.

Nanna - vocal, jawsharp, bodrhan
Rune - flutes, bagpipe
Lasse - guitar, lute
Laura - violin, rebec